Gift Cards

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you’ll sell Emani Australia gift cards?

We sell egift cards which are available to purchase in value from $20 – $1000. We refer to them as gift cards & they are only for use on our website

How will the person I’m buying it for receive the gift card?

The person receiving the gift card will receive an email with the Gift card & a special code they can use in the checkout. You can also add a personal message to it & the person will also receive that message on their gift card.

How do I use my gift card?

Gift cards are also a form of payment along with credit or debit cards. Therefore you use your gift card in the checkout section of the shopping process. So after you’ve chosen your items & selected your shipping option, click the “Proceed to checkout” button & there will be a section there for you to input your special gift card code. Under “Have a gift card?” You input your special gift card code, the amount is deducted from your total & you can pay the balance (if there is any) with your payment of choice in the “Credit Card” section below the gift card section.

Please do not put your special Gift Card code in any other boxes on the site like any of the “Coupon” boxes in the Cart, it won’t work there. The only place it works is in the checkout payment section after you click “Proceed to checkout” because it is a form of payment like a credit or debit card.