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Makeup for Managing Rosacea and Redness

Let’s face it – rosacea is a pain in the face!

Studies show that 10-12% of people in fair-skinned populations suffer from rosacea – and I do mean suffer.

Not only can having a red and inflamed complexion diminish your confidence, it can also cause your skin to feel quite tight and uncomfortable.

If you have symptoms such as ongoing facial redness a bit like a flush or sunburn, dry skin and/or visible tiny blood vessels across nose and cheeks, or even acne-like red bumps and pimples, then you may well have rosacea. It’s more common in middle aged and older adults.


Makeup for Rosacea Australia


You don’t have to go without makeup just because you have rosacea, so long as you choose a brand with natural, non-irritating ingredients – like Emani.

Our new Hydrawear Plus Foundation and vegan concealer with niacinamide can do wonders for correcting the colour of red skin and covering blemishes. Our scientific formulas contain a high concentration of prebiotics, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as fermented ginseng, to soothe and hydrate sensitive, ageing, and hormonal skin.

If you prefer a powder foundation, or are looking for a setting powder to pop on top of your liquid foundation, our Perfecting Crushed Foundation Powder is ideal.

While rosacea is not easy to cure, it’s good to know that Emani cosmetics help to improve the condition of your skin, and don’t just disguise the problems.

Management of rosacea is based around two main principles – knowing and avoiding what triggers outbreaks and calming your skin through good daily lifestyle habits. This holistic approach treats symptoms and also addresses causes.

Understanding what triggers YOUR outbreaks is vitally important. Keep track of what makes your skin flare up so you can avoid that trigger in future, whether it’s stress, certain climactic conditions, spicy food, or alcohol.


Tips for Managing Rosacea


Develop the following Daily Good Habits to maintain healthier skin with less likelihood of flareups – it’s totally worth taking care of yourself!

  1. Gentle Skincare Routine: Use mild, gentle skin care products, made for people with sensitive skin. Avoid harsh scrubs and any skincare products containing nasties such as menthol, camphor, sodium lauryl sulfate or alcohol as they can irritate skin.
  2. Sun Protection: Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily, and re-apply if you spend a lot of time outdoors.
  3. Hydration: Drink plenty of water to keep skin healthy and flush out impurities.
  4. Stress Management:  Minimise stress with techniques such as yoga, journaling, meditation, or deep breathing exercises.
  5. Gentle Exercise: Enjoy low-impact exercises such as walking or swimming. Avoid strenuous activities that make you sweat a lot, as your skin may react.
  6. Eat Healthy Foods: Fresh vegetables, fruits and fatty fish are great as they are anti-inflammatory.
  7. Avoid Extremes of Temperature: Try to stay cool in hot weather, and use a humidifier in dry, cold conditions. This goes for showering and bathing too!
  8. Calm flareups naturally: Soothe irritated skin with a cool compress. Soak a clean cloth in cold water or cold green tea and apply. A thin layer of pure aloe vera gel may also provide relief.

These tips are quite easy to integrate into your lifestyle as most of them are simply good habits for everyone!

But it’s in taking that little bit of extra care with your skin, and what you put on it, that will help you reduce rosacea and skin redness so you can live life beautifully.


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