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Tips for Using a Vegan Highlighter and Illuminator

Using a highlighter and illuminator on your face is a fantastic way to give yourself a beautiful glow – and let’s face it, we all want that youthful glow with a bit of a lifted cheekbone on the side – uhm yes please!

However have you ever wondered what highlighting or illuminating the skin is actually all about, and how to do it for best effect?

We’ve all seen those over-the-top, unblended highlighting and illuminating looks on Insta, which can really turn you off. This is such a shame as a vegan highlighter and illuminator like ours is actually a wonderful way to enhance your features, particularly once you’ve tried some of our tips below!


Why do some highlighters and illuminators look so heavy or too shiny?

There are several reasons why these products can detract from, rather than enhance, your appearance.

  • One of the main reasons tends to be that the products generally used in those videos are too grainy for real life. If the highlighter and lluminator powder is not finely milled it won’t go on lightly and smooth as silk, making it impossible to build up to the desired glow. They just go on harshly and well, that’s how they look … harsh. (Oh, and the same goes for setting powders, if they’re not finely milled like our Mattifing Foundation Powders, Bamboo Setting Powder, Bye Bye Shine Powder or Copacabana Bronzer  they’ll sit too high on the skin, looking unnatural.)
  • It could be related to the ingredients – fortunately our vegan highlighter and illuminator is made of only the finest quality natural ingredients! Many makeup products today include chemicals which react negatively with the user’s skin.
  • It could be that the product isn’t suitable for their skin type. For example, an oily liquid illuminator would be disastrous on an oily complexion, but fine on a dry skin.
  • Another cause may be that the actual product is the wrong color for that person; it may be too pink or yellow-based for their base skin tone. We have our skin colour that we match to our foundation colour, then we also have our base skin tone which may actually be totally different to what we think!  As an example, if you have quite a lot of yellow in your skin, your foundation colour may have that yellow or beige base which is fine. However when using a highlighter and illuminator – or even blush – it will suit you better if it doesn’t have that same yellow base, but rather a lighter pinkish hue base tone.
  • Last but certainly not least if your skin is dehydrated nothing will look good unfortunately, your skin will absorb the moisture from any product you put on it, whether that’s your foundation or highlighter.
vegan highlighter and illuminator from Emani Australia
Feeling Loved Vegan Illuminator swatch


How to use our vegan highlighter and illuminator


First make sure you use a primer. Remember … nothing looks good on dehydrated skin, and everything sits better on hydrated skin! Our Miracle 7 in 1 Primer Serum or Perfect 10 Primer Serum are ideal to quickly hydrate and prep your skin for your makeup.

Then the basic rule with highlighting is pop it on the place you’d like to “highlight” – not the places you want to cover or reduce in size.

  • Most people love their cheekbones to stand out because this lifts the face giving the illusion of a more youthful look. So placing it on top of the cheekbone is a great place to start.
  • The other popular spot is down the bridge of the nose as this pulls the face forward. If you have a round face like me, this is very helpful!
  • You may want to apply to the bow of your lip and on your chin if that suits you.
  • Another tip is to pop it on the two highest points on each side of the forehead, giving the face a more balanced look.

The best way to find out is to make sure you have the right highlighter and illuminator, then just have fun trying the different looks that suit you!

Our Feeling Loved Vegan Illuminator is smooth as silk, vegan, cruelty-free and chemical-free. It’s made from all natural ingredients so it can also be used as an eyeshadow and on the body, try popping some on your décolletage along with our Copacabana Bronzer. This looks particularly beautiful when worn above a strapless outfit,  many a bride has worn this on their wedding day adding to that incredible glow in their photos!

Best of all it suits every skin tone!


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