what your lipstick says about you

What Your Lipstick Says About You!

International Lipstick Day is 29 July, so in honour of the occasion we thought we’d explore what your lipstick says about you – even before you start speaking!

From the minute you walk out your front door, your personality is on show – from the clothes you’ve chosen, to the way you’ve styled your hair, to the jewellery or makeup you’re wearing.

In particular, the colour lipstick you have chosen may be more than a mere fashion choice, it speaks directly to the type of personality you have.

Lipstick is often the last thing applied when you are doing your makeup – it pulls a look together, and makes you feel polished and glamorous.

What is your go-to lip colour? What does it say about you?



Ruby Red Lipstick

Red is a bold colour choice that exudes confidence and sophistication.

If you’re a fan of red lippy, you don’t mind being the centre of attention and are likely to be ambitious and driven. Red will happily take you from the boardroom to the country club.

For a ravishing red lipstick, try Emani’s Hydrating Vegan Lipstick with Vitamin E in Promiscuous. It’s the best red shade of lipstick I’ve ever come across in my over 20 years as a makeup artist, because it really suits everyone and is super gentle on sensitive lips.

Or, for ladies who love a good red with deep colour, try our Wine Me Up lipstick.


Emani vegan lipstick australia in promiscuous

Pretty in Pink

You’re a bit of a risk taker and a fashionista; you love to dress up and are always on top of the latest fashion and styles.

Chances are, you love to give your friends fashion advice – in fact you’re so good at it, you should probably have a career in it!

Your perfect pout? Our Plush organic vegan lipstick, perhaps worn with our Lip Shine in Name Dropper for a glossy finish; or for a soft pink option, you’ll love the tender hydration in our Baby Cakes Lipstick.

vegan face bronzer by Emani

Earthy Browns

You’re an adventure seeker with a love of the outdoors and an active lifestyle. While you like to look good and put together, you don’t want to spend too much time on makeup – there’s too many experiences to get out and enjoy!

Our recommendation for you is our Hydrating Lipstick with Vitamin E in Dolce, or Emani Lip Shine Gloss in  Oh La La.

Neutral Nudes

You are warm and caring and don’t need anyone’s validation to make you feel good. You are confident within yourself and don’t need to stand out in a crowd.  Comfortable but chic is your go to look.


Choose Emani Hydrating Vegan Lipstick with Vitamin E in Inde; or for a gloss option, try Social Climber (absolutely everyone loves this shade!).

No Lipstick at All!

You really don’t care about what anyone thinks about you or what you are wearing; you’re  fuss-free and low maintenance; a leader and not a follower.


While you may not wear lipstick, you still want to care for your lips and make sure they are nourished and hydrated – so try Emani Lip Shine Gloss in Clear; or Blush, for a barely there, flesh tone.

Emani Lip Shine Gloss in Blush

No matter what colour you choose, making the decision to wear an Emani vegan lipstick says even more about you as a person.

Choosing makeup by Emani means you are someone who cares about your health, animals and the environment. You want to skip the chemicals, and ensure that what you put on your face and skin is natural and pure.

Check out our range of vegan lipsticks and lip glosses for every personality and occasion!



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