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What’s so Bad About Talc?

Find out why everybody’s talc-ing about the benefits of talc free makeup!

When it comes to makeup, I think it’s fair to say we’d all prefer a skin-loving formula that is healthy, not harmful.

You’re probably familiar with talcum powder (cue the cute, dry baby tushies!) but did you know the mineral it’s made from, talc, is in a wide range of makeup products too?

Talc has earnt a bad rep for some very good reasons – even Johnson & Johnson Australia is now replacing talc with cornstarch in their Baby Powder formulas. So, trust us when we say your skin is not missing out on anything by saying adios to this controversial cosmetic ingredient.

The good news is, talc free makeup opens up a whole new world of benefits – and it’s loaded with nourishing natural ingredients your skin will drink right up!


What exactly is Talc?


Talc is the softest natural mineral on earth, known for its ability to absorb moisture. It can also be milled down easily, making it an appealing ingredient for a wide range of products ranging from paints to baby powders, textiles, and yes – beauty products.

The modern cosmetic use of talc began in the late 1890’s when Johnson & Johnson used it in their talcum powder for baby care and feminine hygiene. But it’s believed to have been used for centuries beforehand by the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese to create face powders.

Today, talc is a common ingredient in the beauty industry, used in many powder compacts, finishing powders, eye shadows, blushes, foundations, and creams.


Is Talc bad for me?


While talc-based makeup claims to absorb oil, reduce caking, and create a silky texture – unfortunately, it comes with potentially dangerous health risks.

Talc forms in clay underground, in close proximity to asbestos – a known carcinogen. So, when talc is mined, there is a chance it could contain traces of asbestos. In fact, a 2020 study found that 14% of the talc-containing makeup tested also contained asbestos – including children’s makeup. Pretty alarming, huh?

Beyond this – talc is really just a cheap filler for makeup that has potential to clog your pores and cause breakouts. It also restricts our skin from evaporating sweat and has been known to cause rashes and skin irritation in some people.


What’s so GREAT about Talc Free Makeup?


At Emani, we’ve always believed that makeup products should work with your skincare, not against it. By replacing talc with scientifically-proven, vegan, cruelty-free quality natural ingredients – it not only eliminates the health risks – you’ll nourish your body from inside out, even once you’ve washed your makeup off at the end of the day!

Thanks to the power of soft-light-spherical HD technology, our Flawless Matte Foundation Powder is a talc free, lightweight foundation that absorbs excess oil and shine. And forget clogging pores – this baby reduces their appearance while infusing your skin with powerful vitamins and antioxidants like Honeysuckle Flower, Grape Seed, and Rosemary Extract.

Love a bit of colour in your cheeks? Our best-selling talc-free Copacabana face bronzer will warm that complexion while delivering a host of natural goodness via Vitamin E and Grape Seed Extract.

For those who enjoy having a perfect glow all year round, our Feeling Loved Illuminator definitely does the trick. Talc-free and just oozing with the skin benefits of its natural ingredients, like Bamboo Extract, Rice Powder and Vitamin E.

And let’s not forget the eyes! Our Eye Shadow Quads offer that professional, ultra-smooth look and feel, free from any chemicals and perfect for sensitive skin.

Talc free makeup is more than just a trend – it’s a step towards healthier, more conscious beauty choices.

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