Emani Makeup & Skincare

I have been using Emani for a few years now & I love the products I’ve chosen with the help of the wonderful customer service team . I’m now 77 years old & my skin has never looked better with the help of my Miracle 7 in 1 Primer & Serum. You really don’t need to add a foundation with this product. It’s amazing! Because of my tanned skin, I’m using Deluxe Crème Foundation – Medium , very lightly. Followed by a light dusting of the Perfecting Crushed Foundation – Tender. I occasionally use one without the other & that works as well. 
The lipsticks go on smoothly, sometimes not even needing a touch up during the day. The variety of shades make it difficult to choose, so the gift sets have been ideal. 
The e-gifts are a wonderful idea, for Mother’s Day. 
I encourage women of all ages to make this change now to Emani. You will not regret it & your skin will glow with health. 

Kind regards 


“You’re a fantastic company and I’m very pleased with all your products!”

Kristin L