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The Art of the Perfect Pout

Lipstick color pictured – Promiscuous Red

If you ever suffer from dry, peeling or cracked lips it can be very uncomfortable & sometimes even painful especially if they bleed from the dryness. Making it nearly impossible to wear any kind of lipstick or gloss because they further exasperate the situation or they just don’t look good because of the state of your lips.

Sounds like you?! Here are some tips on how to help with these problems……..

Tips on how to achieve the Perfect Pout

Firstly when you exfoliate your face, exfoliate your lips. Only use gentle exfoliators, not harsh scrubs like sugar scrubs, because they can take too many layers off your skin or cause micro tears on the skin, thereby making the problems worse in the long run.

After rinsing off the scrub, gently pat dry & apply a nice thick layer of your hydrating face mask to your lips, leave it on for the same amount of time as you would your face mask.

You can do this anytime morning or night & you can do this process just only on your lips, whenever you need a bit of help or if you just want super hydrated lips on the day of an event.

If its a super gentle scrub, you can do it everyday, then apply a fine layer of your hydrating mask & just leave it on. Then apply your lipstick & gloss, it’ll be so much more comfortable to wear your favourite lippy or gloss or both!

I do this a couple of hours before getting ready for my online meetings or an outing, so then when I apply my lipstick & gloss, not only does it sit better, it also lasts longer. I also apply my Miracle 7 in 1 Primer Serum on my lips on my lips as well as my face. It’s that extra layer of hydration & it helps bond my lipstick for longer wear. 

When you moisturise your face in the morning & at night, apply a little bit of your hydrating face mask or a natural super hydrating lip balm as well. Then, when you apply your lipstick or gloss they’ll sit beautifully & last longer because beneath the lippy or gloss are really well hydrated lips!

Remember your Emani Primers can also be used all over the face including your lips!

Use lipsticks & glosses that are as natural as possible to achieve the perfect pout. Lipsticks & glosses that contain chemicals & preservatives can exacerbate your problems.

Our organic lipsticks & glosses are chemical free, vegan, cruelty free, talc free & gluten free! They come in many colours have fun choosing!





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