Serums & Primers: What are They and Why use Them?

There are literally millions of beauty products out there, so no wonder making decisions about what to use can get confusing and sometimes overwhelming!

Do you have questions like …

  • What beauty products can I use to speed up my morning routine?
  • Why are certain products like serums and primers mentioned over and over again?
  • What’s a Serum and why do beauty companies recommend them?
  • Why do makeup companies talk about Primers so much?
  • And: What’s the difference between serum and primer?

Hopefully we can answer some of these questions for you now …

What’s a Serum and Why Use it?

It’s all about hydration!

Serums are generally a concentrated amount of certain skincare ingredients designed to boost the hydration levels in your skin. Skin that’s well hydrated is less prone to skin slackening or ageing, and generally just looks healthier as amongst many other benefits serum helps your skin to look plumper and smoother.

They generally differ to a moisturiser because along with their purpose as a booster, their texture is usually different. Often they are a lot lighter in texture and are more quickly absorbed.

Emani Perfect 10 Vegan Serum Primer is a multi-purpose, vegan, all natural product that will really help speed up your morning routine without denying your skin’s needs.

It contains a hydrating, moisturising serum and it’s also a primer (find out what a primer is, below).

If you have normal / combination skin, the Perfect 10 Serum Primer can be used as a moisturiser as well, all over the face. This reduces your morning routine as instead of applying 3 beauty products, (serum, moisturiser and primer) you are applying just the one, very easy to use, cutting edge professional product – that can easily be used all over the face and body!

What’s a Primer?

A Primer is generally designed to help smooth out the skin and also contains ingredients that help prep it for your foundation.

Our Primers help your skin look better with OR without makeup, and they help your foundation last longer because they give your foundation a great base to sit on.

If you live in a hot or cold climate, primer is your best friend as it provides that extra layer of hydration and comfort. Skin that’s well hydrated looks good with or without makeup.

As we age, using primer becomes more important for several reasons. Again, well hydrated skin seriously helps plump your skin for a more youthful look.

All of our primers are cutting edge, vegan, all natural products that not only help smooth out your skin and help your makeup last longer, they also contain hydrating serums. Miracle 7 in 1  Vegan Primer & Anti-age Serum not only blurs pores and minimises fine lines, it’s also anti ageing. This clever multi purpose product really helps reduce that morning beauty routine especially for us Mums always short on time!

So what’s the difference between serum and primer? Serums provide a hydration boost to your skin, while primer smoothes your skin and preps it for foundation. With Emani’s multi tasking primer and serums, you can achieve both in just one step, for healthy glowing skin – with or without makeup!


Remember all Emani products are Vegan, Chemical free, Cruelty free & Eco friendly!




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